SwarfPak - Ultrafast milling with accurate precision.

SwarfPak is a superior milling tool for P&A and slot recovery with significantly reduced rig time and reduced environmental footprint.

Areas of use
There are 3 main areas of use of the SwarfPak:
  • P&A operations  
  • Slot recovery   
  • General well milling

  • Precise and ultrafast milling speed
  • Upwards milling leaves Swarf downhole
  • Increased safety - no swarf in BOP
  • Eliminates swarf handling on surface
  • Eliminates vibrations

Award winning technology

SwarfPak has been awarded several prestigious awards:

Winner: OTC Spotlight on new technology, 2014
Nominated: ONS Innovation Award, 2014


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SwarfPak background

Today, a typical section milling performed before a plugging operation involves downwards milling with extreme vibrations and consequently knife wear and damage. In addition there is a lot of trouble involved in bringing the milling swarf to surface, separate it out into skips, sending it onshore and then transport it to a safe place for deposition. The whole process is extremely in-effective and costly.

The new SwarfPak challenges this principle with its upwards milling practice leaving the milling swarf downhole. Introducing Gravel Pack (reverse flow) principles allows the milling swarf to be left downhole.