WRS - West Riser Shielding

Steel risers with no hydrogen cracking
Enables operation in Sour Service environments

No need for expensive alloys
WeST Group has developed a robust and cost efficient Riser System for Sour Service. The riser system includes treating a standard Carbon Steel Riser with specially designed Fluoropolymer (WMT-HRS-3) shielding inside to avoid the typical challenges with regards to Hydrogen cracking.
There are today a few qualified Riser systems in the market,
but they are all based on use of exotic alloys and are very expensive
solutions that are less robust than the WRS solution.
Fluoropolymer materials have proven track record
to resist H2S, HCl and/or hydrogen permeation both from
downhole installations in the oil industry and from
applications in the chemical process industry.
Improvements and benefits
As a function of the WRS Riser System working principle,
several improvements in performance will be achieved.
• Robust system (base material with proven performance)
• Reduced friction inside riser
• System will be resistant to all know chemicals & acids
• High temperature & pressure resistance of system
• Very cost efficient