Flow assurance and corrosion protection with fluoropolymers especially developed for the oil and gas industry.

Main benefits
  • Minimize accumulation of asphaltenes, paraffines, and scale in production tubulars.
  • Provides superior corrosion protection in extreme sweet and sour environments.
  • No pressure drops keeps production stable over time.
  • Minimal friction in production tubulars
  • Maximize well productivity
  • Minimize operating and maintenance costs

StreaMax® XF - Flow enhancement
StreaMax® XC - Corrosion control
WRS - West Riser Shielding

Case study

StreaMax® Coated Tubing For Well With Severe Asphaltene Problems

• Zero cleanups needed during 4 years of operation. Reference well needs cleanup every 2 months.
• Return on investment realized in the first year of operation of the coated tubes.

StreaMax from Dupont

West Group market and sell StreaMax® for DuPont in the North Sea region. 

DuPont StreaMax is a registered trademark of DuPont for its family of fluoropolymer coatings

StreaMax® coating system exhibits and retains excellent material properties at high operating pressure and offers a high thermal stability at high temperatures up to 260 Deg C (material property).