WeST Groups CMR test rig in Stavanger

Continuous Motion Rig

Well construction without any interruptions in the drilling process. Pull drill pipe and run casing continuously with full circulation.

The CM-Rig is a new generation drilling rig with significant breakthroughs in drilling efficiency, CO2-reductions and safety for both well and personnel.

Significant breakthroughs:
  • Drill time reduction of up to 50 %
  • Drilling cost reductions between 40–45 %
  • Up to 60 % reduction of harmful CO2 emissions related to drilling


World's first:

  • Continuous movement of drilling Tubulars, Drillstring & Casing
  • Continuous drilling operation
  • Continuous drilling and circulation    
  • Fully robotized circulation unit
  • Drilling technology suitable for a full autonomous drilling operation
  • Tripping speed up to 3600 m/hr. vs.normal 600 to 900 m/hr

Award winning technology

The Continuous Motion Rig has been awarded several prestigious awards:

  • OTC Spotlight on New Technology 2017
    For the continuous CDU
  • OTC Spotlight on New Technology 2013
    For the CMR technology
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, 2013
  • ONS Innovation Award, 2016
  • ONS Innovation Award, 2014
  • Teknologibragden - Teknisk Ukeblad, 2014
  • Årets Grunder 2013, Innovasjon Norge
  • ONS Innovation Award, 2012
  • DNB Nor Innovasjonspris 2012

Custom made to fit any rig or vessel

The robotized drilling rigs from WeST Group can be used in all types of drilling applications.
Each can be customized to fit any rig or vessel.


Our partners are a great resource for our company
- and for our technology.

They are our ambassadors and our advisors, and they share knowledgeable industry and technology insights with us.

Test rig in Stavanger

The world`s first Continuous Motion drilling Rig is installed for field testing in Stavanger, the oil capital of Norway.

After completion of a 1,500 meters lateral test well in Stavanger, the rig will be shipped offshore for further testing.

The CMR test rig in Stavanger

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60% less CO2 from drilling

Continuous drilling operation decreases the number of days needed for exploration, drilling and production. This leads to a reduction in drillings costs by up to 40-45 %.

QHSE effects:
  • Up to 60 % reduction of harmful CO2 emissions related to drilling.
  • Minimized risks related to health and  injuries as robotization of the drilling process leaves the need for manpower on the drill floor.

A disruption in Drilling Technology

Extreme capabilities compared to existing technology:

150-750 ton pulling capacity
3600 m/hr tripping speed
900 m/hr casing running capacity
Continuous drilling and circulation
Suitable for land rigs, Jack-up`s and
fixed & floating platform
Fully automated (Motion Control)