Odd Skjærseth
Odd Skjærseth

Odd B. Skjærseth

Founder & CEO, WeST Group

Odd Børge Skjærseth founded West Group in 2007 with a goal to improve drilling processes. Having previously founded Offshore & Marine and PTC he saw there was great potential for improvement, especially in the drilling disciplines. Since 2007, both Skjærseth and the technology patented by West Group, has been nominated and awarded numerous awards in Norway and abroad.
Skjærseth has an engineering degree from Stavanger College of Engineering within electronics and mechatronics, and has a keen interest in robotics and remote drilling.
Odd Børge is a keen competitor, and as chairman of the board he has contributed to the success of bike races Nordsjørittet and Tour des Fjords. 
Skjærseth’s commitment and drive are noticed even outside West Group premises:
"Odd B. Skjærseth is a very active promoter of new and improved technology for the oil industry. He has high capability and capacity, and has a clear idea of ​​where he wants and how to get there. We need more entrepreneurs like him."
- Marit Karlsen Brandal, director of Innovation Norway's office in Oslo.